Radisson Blu Alexandria

Alexandria, Egypt
Central/near Center поглед на мапата
Tripadvisor Score: 4.5
This luxurious hotel is located at the heart of trendy new private Alex West district, only a 10-minute drive from Borg El Arab Airport, a 25-minute drive from the City Centre Shopping Mall and a half hour drive from several historic and cultural sites. Founded by its namesake, Alexander the Great, the beautiful city of Alexandria is in the northeast corner of Egypt along the Mediterranean, and it has an extraordinary history as one of the greatest civilizations of the world. Guests will be able to explore fascinating sites, rich in ancient history. The elegant and comfortable guestrooms are spacious and beautifully-appointed. All rooms are equipped with modern furniture and a private terrace overlooking the gardens or the Lake. The hotel offers a gourmet dining experience from which guests will be able to choose Italian cuisine, Oriental delights and delicious local specialties.

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