Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Lloyd is the first 1 - 5 star hotel in the world. Designed as a home for travelers of all stripes, we buck the trend of conventional star rankings by classifying our rooms primarily based on size. The hotel interior was designed in collaboration with Dutch architects MVRDV and accented with details from internationally renowned Dutch designers including Bas Kosters, Ellen ten Damme, Joep Van Lieshout and Christoph Seyferth. All of our 117 rooms are completely unique - with chance assignment on arrival - designed to surprise and delight our guests. There is free WiFi throughout the hotel and 24-hour room service available in all rooms.

Guests have access to our restaurant and bar. Sleep in superior-quality mattresses in king, queen or twin size, supplied by Auping, a high-end Dutch bed manufacturer and long-standing supplier to the hotel. Baby cots are available on request and at no charge.

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